Our Brands


Our Biomed brand is closely associated with a company that has an approachable team who work hard to customise unique solutions to our customers’ needs. Biomed formulations conform to the European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) guide whether they are registered medicines or compounded on behalf of a pharmacy. We are trusted by our customers to provide dependable and cost effective solutions to the restrictions that they experience with compounding resources. We manufacture innovative generic products packaged in drug delivery systems that are compatible with those in the private and public hospitals. Many of our products are PHARMAC funded. As a New Zealand owned and operated manufacturing facility, with an onsite quality control (QC) laboratory, we are capable of our own product development and stability studies.

Under our brand we manufacture a number of restricted intravenous (IV) solutions such as Bupivacaine and Fentanyl mixtures, and oral solutions like methadone oral solution to support our partners in providing a high level of care to our patients. Having been around for almost 20 years these products are well recognised by health professionals around New Zealand.


A combination of lidocaine, tetracaine and adrenaline that are packed into a sterile syringe for topical administration to open wounds. Topicaine is used New Zealand wide in emergency departments and medical centres.

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