Our Story

Our Expertise

Compounding and manufacturing

We compound aseptic, non-sterile and intravenous (IV) sterilised products. Our Central Admixture Pharmacy Services (CAPS) department aseptically compound patient specific and batch formulations for the hospital pharmacy. In addition, we manufacture oral, standard and non-standard formulations to address any unmet patient needs and sterile intravenous ampoules, bottles and bags. 

Quality control laboratory

Our on site laboratory tests all our raw materials and finished products. The team of experienced scientists also develop new products, performing formulation trials, analytical method development and stability studies to generate the required data to demonstrate the quality and safety of each new product.

Quality and regulatory compliance

We prepare our own registration files and have a team that audit compliance with all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) described in our formal documents with a common goal of quality. Our in-depth knowledge of regulation and intellectual property helps us bring high-quality, regulatory-compliant medicines within reach of millions throughout the world.

Homecare service

Some of our patients require a very high degree of support in their homes when they administer their own prescribed intravenous (IV) medication. We offer training, delivery, and support with equipment and managing their medication.


We have a dedicated delivery system for Auckland named patient prescriptions. We supply directly to every District Health Board (DHB) pharmacy, private hospital pharmacy, patients on the Homecare service and retail pharmacies by arrangement.